About Verity

Verity graduated from the Graduate Diploma of Exercise Science program in 2017 at Griffith University following the 3-year Bachelor of Exercise Science. She has a keen interest in preventative medicine (including exercise as medicine), health optimisation and the mind-body connection.


Originally from Adelaide, Verity spent 15 years living in the UK, and in London for 8 of those years where she gained degrees in Media Technology and Computing Science and worked as a test engineer for a broadcasting company.

In 2008 Verity experienced the transformative effect that exercise and nature can have after learning to surf on a volunteer trip to Costa Rica. Following 6 weeks of surfing almost every day she returned with her body and health transformed, and as a result had to buy a whole new set of clothes due to weight loss.


Verity maintained her active lifestyle, swapped office work for the outdoors and after several summers working as a surf instructor to fund her travel adventures, moved back to Australia to study Exercise Science.


The next big transformative event for Verity occurred when she attended her first PSYCH-K® workshop, discovered the power of belief and experienced a massive positive shift in her physical and mental health. She has since completed all of the PSYCH-K® Facilitator workshops and programs and is loving helping people take control of their health and wellbeing with these powerful tools.


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