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PSYCH-K® Balances

What is a PSYCH-K® Balance?

PSYCH-K® Balances are the processes used to change subconscious beliefs, and involve a combination of body postures, movement and breath work, depending on the Balance. They are simple, effective, non-invasive and suitable for people of all capabilities; modifications are easily made for people with disabilities or limited range of movement, if necessary.


All PSYCH-K® Balances result in a Whole-Brain State, characterised by coherent, symmetrical activity of both hemispheres of the cerebral cortex, which allows you to respond to a situation with the full potential of your mind and cognitive ability. This Whole- Brain State is also the key to re-writing and replacing self-limiting beliefs.

Balances are most commonly performed to reprogram the subconscious mind with Goal Statements that are constructed by the individual, but there are also a variety of Balances that are used with specific intentions. Read on to discover more about what PSYCH-K® can do for you.

Transformation of the Perception of A Stressful Situation or Traumatic Event

This process, in my opinion, is the simplest and most effective application of PSYCH-K® and in the majority of cases the effect is felt immediately. A Whole-Brain State is created with respect to a stressful situation or traumatic event, whether past, present or future, transforming the perception of stress or trauma into a state of peace and non-attachment.

From traumatic events in your past to current stress or anxiety about a future event, this process allows you to integrate and re-perceive the situation or event, leading to acceptance, forgiveness, a sense of peace or any other outcome that you desire. With PSYCH-K®, you get to decide how you feel!

Core Belief Balance

If you're looking for broad, sweeping change in a short period of time, the Core Belief Balance is for you. This Balance lays a solid foundation of supportive beliefs and works with 13 pairs of Belief Statements covering basic and important issues including:


  • Self-Worth

  • Self-Love

  • Self-Efficacy

  • Forgiveness of Self and Others

  • Adaptability

  • Contentment

  • Optimism

  • Personal Responsibility

  • Harmony

  • Spirituality

This is a large Balance and can take up to an hour. I recommend that everyone complete this Balance to discover and change any of these fundamental beliefs that may be holding you back.

Life Bonding Balance

This Balance deals with the 'trauma of birth' and the 'fear of death', two powerful aspects of the human psyche that can silently and invisibly impact and limit our lives. Using breath work, you will reprogram your subconscious and transform any stress associated with the birth experience and the perception of death.

Relationship Balance

The Relationship Balance is used to identify and transform any challenging issues between two people or entities, resulting in a deeper understanding. After completing this Balance, a Whole-Brain State is maintained upon seeing, hearing or feeling the presence of the other, deactivating any 'buttons' that are usually pushed, allowing you to respond consciously instead of reacting. This powerful and effective Balance can be used between two people such as couples, parents and children, friendships etc., or can be used between a person and an entity or concept, such as your relationship with food, money, success, or even yourself.

Rapport Balance

Learn how to automatically build rapport and communicate (verbally and non-verbally) with others in a simple and easy way.


People tend to favour different styles of communication and learn in different ways. A visual learner, for example, prefers diagrams and pictures over reading text or listening to a lecture. After completing this Balance you will be able to maintain a Whole-Brain State while speaking and listening to three types of language - visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. You will also be able maintain a Whole-Brain State in the presence of positive and negative non-verbal or body language towards you.


The Rapport Balance can be helpful to anyone who has difficulty with learning or public speaking, or experiences frequent miscommunication with others.

Alternative Life Balance

The Alternative Life balance takes advantage of the fact that the brain responds to real and imagined experiences in the same way; the mind can affect the body's chemistry. Have you ever remembered or imagined something bad or embarrassing and felt your body react physically, such as remembering that time you had to speak in public and froze up, and feeling your face flush and go red even though it's not actually happening right now? Imagine biting into a wedge of lemon; imagine how bitter and sour it tastes and see if your mouth starts watering.

In this Balance you imagine living an alternative life, 'free' from physical or emotional conditions, in order to stimulate the brain to produce a chemical environment that supports optimal health and wellbeing. Breath work is used to reprogram the subconscious mind, transforming any limiting beliefs into those that align with the life you want.

Transformation of a Reactive Response

This process identifies if a reactive response such as sneezing, watering eyes or gastrointestinal discomfort (otherwise known as an intolerance or allergy), is truely a response to a substance, food or animal, or if it is actually related to a person, event or situation that became associated with the triggering object. If this is the case, we can Balance around the root cause of the reaction and in many cases remove the response, allowing you to enjoy your life with one less limitation.

Optimal Health and Wellbeing Balance

Similar to the Core Belief Balance, this Balance is a simple way to change a wide array of beliefs, but more specifically ones that may be stopping you from achieving your health goals. It works with 22 pairs of Belief Statements in areas crucial to optimal health and wellbeing including, but not limited to:

  • Passion and enthusiasm for life

  • Ability to receive support (emotional and physical) from others

  • Optimism

  • Stress and anger management

  • Energy

  • Security

  • Dealing with and responding to challenges effectively

  • Ability to see the humour in life

  • Love and Affection

  • Dealing with loss

  • Diet and exercise

  • Self-Healing Ability

Following this Balance, a comprehensive Optimal Health and Wellbeing Action Plan will be developed to realise the full potential of the new beliefs. Remember that the same way of thinking (and doing!) that created a problem cannot be used to solve the problem, and significant changes may be needed in your life for you to reach your goals. The full process can take up to 90 minutes and may need to be split over two sessions.

Ready to get started?

Click on the button below to book your session. Still not sure if PSYCH-K® is for you? Book in for a free 15-minute Q&A call to find out more and discuss your needs.

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