Gold Coast, Australia

Sophie Smith

Verity is an excellent coach, after 3 sessions with her for PSYCH-K my body and mind have improved dramatically! After years of seeing GPs and specialists, my health was still declining with no explanation as to what was wrong. In the end, I heard about PSYCH-K and thought that perhaps changing my perspectives, particularly my negative and stressful outlooks on life, could improve my health and lifestyle.


Even after one session I could see improvements. My unexplained daily headaches, pain and nausea reduced to nil, I started feeling positive about myself and my decisions, and I suddenly took an interest in running- something I have never ever done before as I always thought my body was too weak. One month later, I have just ran my first 4km and all my previous health issues just went away!


Verity really helped me change my perspectives, she provided follow up actions for when I got home, and checked up on me, so I always felt like I was cared for- a lot different to seeing an assortment of doctors. She talks through the process with you and helps you articulate your goals, she is very lovely and easy going, and very intelligent.


Gold Coast, Australia

John Evans

I consulted Verity to see if she could help with some chronic knee pain that I had been experiencing that was a negative impact on my lifestyle.


Utilizing PSYCH-K we were able to change my sub conscious beliefs I had attached to the pain and I was amazed at the pain reduction I felt.


Further, I was able to improve the function of my knee to greatly increase my ability to carry out physical tasks.  At the time I had an important martial arts grading coming up and using PSYCH-K Verity was able to assist me in preparing for some of the complex movements involved.  During the grading I performed at a level that exceeded my expectations.


In short, I was amazed at the results and recommend Verity as a skilled facilitator in PSYCH-K.

Tweed Heads, Australia

David  R.

After 20 years of chronic pain, I've found that PYSCH-K has had a major impact, increasing positivity and focus, in turn helping me to improve my condition.

NSW, Australia

Jamie C.

PSYCH-K is a very effective and non-intrusive way of managing PTSD, Depression and Anxiety. 


It's quick, easy and at times almost fun, I leave sessions feeling energised and in a better mood than when I arrived.


Verity is such a nice person, an attentive practitioner who is personable and shows genuine empathy for her clients.

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