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Are you a heckler or a cheerleader?

Let's talk about language for a minute. Words have power. There are a few aspects of this that I want to cover, but I'll start with self-talk. Do you ever think about how you talk to yourself, and talk about yourself?

Are you kind to yourself? Or are you constantly criticising and telling yourself off all day long? Do you encourage yourself to reach new heights or do you talk yourself down, and keep yourself small?

While your inner voice and thoughts stem from your subconscious beliefs and programs, most of which come from your childhood, it's not too late to change it. In fact, it's crucial that you do if you're not happy with what you're creating in your life. Your outer life reflects your inner life. So if your head is full of negative thoughts all day, it makes it really hard to experience anything positive.

But in order to change it, you need to be paying attention. Because when you're not, that's when your subconscious picks up the slack, and plays the same thought patterns over and over again. And every time it does, it strengthens those neural pathways, making it more likely that you'll use them again.

The body, and the brain in particular, loves efficiency. We can compare neural pathways to muscles, for example. You can work out every day and get big muscles, but if you stop using them, the body isn't going to spend the fuel and energy maintaining them. It's the same in your brain.

Neuroplasticity is a hot topic at the moment. We now know the brain can re-wire itself, and different parts can grow and shrink. The pathways that don't get used degrade, and the ones that do get stronger and more efficient.

It's up to you to catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, and telling yourself off. Then you can disrupt the pattern, and create new pathways. Each time you catch yourself being unkind to yourself, or using disempowering language, you get to choose your new pattern. And the more you do it, the easier it gets.

Imagine how much better it would feel to have your own cheerleader in your head, instead of a heckler.

I dropped a glass bottle of expensive body oil on the bathroom floor today while I was cleaning. As I heard it shatter, I could have flown into a rage and told myself how stupid I was for not moving it away from the edge. I could have stormed out and made a big fuss about how hard it was going to be to clean up, and a few years ago I probably would have.

But surprisingly, I was calm. I thought, "Whoops, that's not good. Oh well, I haven't used that for ages, I guess it was time for it to go. It smells beautiful though!". And I went and got a ton of paper towels to clean it up, along with all the tiny shards of glass that exploded across the entire floor.

I rarely get mad at myself these days, and my inner voice is usually pretty chilled out. By working with myself with PSYCH-K®, I've installed healthy, supportive, loving beliefs about myself and the world. And you can too.

You don't need PSYCH-K® to do it, but it makes it a whole lot quicker and easier! You can start changing your neural pathways right now, just by setting an intention to be aware of your thoughts. When you notice yourself say something negative about yourself, either out loud or in your head, change it up. Correct yourself. Or if you can't go that far, just tell yourself, "it's ok".

It's ok to say the wrong thing. It's ok to make mistakes. It's ok if you don't understand something. Imagine that you're talking to your best friend or a loved one, and practice being kind to yourself. See what happens!

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