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PSYCH-K® for Health and Wellbeing

Updated: Feb 3

Video Transcript:

Hi, this is Verity from Good Vibes Health and Wellbeing, and I don't normally do videos but I've just come back from the PSYCH-K® Health and Wellbeing Program in Sydney over the weekend and what I learned was just really cool and I thought I should talk about it rather than just writing about it.

First off, I’ve got to say that PSYCH-K® doesn't diagnose or treat any medical conditions and it's not a substitute for professional medical or psychological care so it's just a compliment to it. We don't treat, fix or heal anything with PSYCH-K®, we just change beliefs. Having said that, what we do do is to find and take care of any beliefs that contributed to creating the environment that caused your body to respond in a way that resulted in your physical or emotional condition and it works with two things: epigenetics and the placebo effect.

Firstly, epigenetics, if you haven't watched the Bruce Lipton lecture on the Biology of Belief then go and watch that. It's the first video on the resources page of my website it'll tell you everything you need to know and explains it much better than I can but anyway the short version is that your beliefs determine your perception of the world which drives your body's response down to the cellular level and gene expression. So if you perceive the world as a dangerous place your body will go into protection mode which impairs your ability to heal and repair itself and if this goes on for a really long time it'll result in some kind of disease. The good part is that it's really simple and easy to change your beliefs with PSYCH-K®.

The other one, the placebo effect is pretty well known. When researching the effects of drugs they split trial participants into two groups. One group gets the real drug and the other group gets the placebo, a sugar pill or something that doesn't do anything, and I think around 30 percent of the people who take the placebo experience the same effects as the people that are taking the drug. So it's the belief alone that creates whatever effect they think the drug or treatment will do, whether it's lowering blood sugar levels or helping their arthritis. So it's really handy that we have this tool in PSYCH-K®, to put whatever belief you want into your subconscious.

What we learned in the workshop were some really cool techniques that use logic and intuition to help people get to the bottom of their issues and figure out what beliefs they need to change to improve their health. I'm not going to go into everything in this video because I’ll be talking all day but one of my favourite things that we learned was a protocol to deal with reactive responses, otherwise known as allergies or intolerances. So we can find out if a response is actually to a specific substance like cat hair or whether it's an association that you've made with cat hair and a negative experience in your past so for example your cat may have been sitting on your lap when your dad yelled at you as a kid and your subconscious has linked that experience with cats so now you sneeze whenever you're around them. But once we've figured out that link we can then balance around the issue with your dad and that relationship, or we can transform the perception of stress around that original situation and then you should be able to go and play with all the cats without any problem.

I'll share more about what PSYCH-K® can do around health and well-being in future videos or regular blog posts and I’m definitely going to be writing about the placebo effect because there are some really cool studies that show how powerful it is in both positive and negative ways, but if you'd like to know more about PSYCH-K® in general you can check out my website and feel free to get in touch if you'd like to give it a try, or if you've got any more questions. Thanks for watching.

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